OpenVPN Server setup on an Asus router

If you have an asus router (I have an RT-AC68U), here’s my guide to setting up OpenVPN on it.
You can access your network and Home assistant from anywhere over OpenVPN, and don’t have to open any ports into your network. As far as I know, its a very safe way to access your home network when not at home

FYI, this weekend I’ve started using a different router (Netgear R7800), but has nothing to do with openvpn. My boss was having connection problems with her iphone, and told me to get a new router.

  • At first Plug the Router to power source and unplug the Asus router from modem
  • Now look at the back or bottom of your Asus router you can see a reset hole Or key
  • Just Press the reset key using a pen or something that fits in there and hold it for 40-45 sec .
  • Now while your Asus router is doing reset all lights on Asus router will start flashing that means it’s being reset
  • After 40-45 second release the reset key and restart the router.
  • Now your Asus wireless router has been Reset and it’s fully Ready to be setup with your modem as like a new router.
  • For router setup and Guide Follow the detailed explanation Fix Asus Wireless Router Common Problems

I’ve followed this setup, and others which were similar. I can only access one or two IP addresses on my network. My router, a Powerline adapter and my NAS (which I couldn’t initially until I remember it had a VPN package installed on it previously).

Everything else just times out.

Never straightforward this stuff!

EDIT: I removed all the settings, did a reboot, applied the settings again and now it works!