OpenWeather via Restfiul API not working (Property-Name)

Hi there.
I tried to configure some OpenWeatherMap API stuff into my HASS instance and failed for an unknown reason. I found out it is a problem with a Property-name which is called “pop” (Rain prediction value)

“Pop” is declared as a “dangerous” value. I know where it might come from (pop in python splits lists/arrays might be the origin)

(I had prepared another image - but as a new member i can only attach one immediatisiere file.)

Can you good guys with more knowledge tell me how i am supposed to get that parameter if i cant use “pop” as a named value? Is it possible to fix?

The main problem for doing it this way is that the free API Keys no longer work with the OpenWeather Integration. It always shows “Invalid API Key” - they seem to have changed the URLs for those requests.

Thanks in advance and kind regards!

Here is the second image where it shows that the property of “pop” exists in their API Return-Value: