OpenWeatherMap API V2.5 deprecated error errors out! - 500 Internal Server Error Server got itself into trouble

So, I recently upgraded core and I got this message. I didn’t know how to resolve it when reading the message so I futzed around with it for a while. Before I fixed it the right way, I removed the integration and re-added it and I still hadn’t established my V3.0 account. After restarting HA, I now had two of the same error in the list.

I eventually got the account established correctly and one of the errors went away but the other one is stuck. Even restarting HA doesn’t resolve it. I’m not sure how to get this thing to go away and when I click on it, it just raises another error message that says: “Config flow could not be loaded: 500 Internal Server Error Server got itself into trouble”.

Anyone have thoughts on how to resolve this one??

Exactly the same problem for me. I have no idea how to solve it.

Also getting this error. For core issues like this, suggest first checking docs for Openweathermap and in the upper right, select “View Known Issues”. This will take you to the HA Github and a quick search will show this has already been reported (#119127) along with a workaround.

Since the message is just an annoyance as the v3.0 OWM code is working fine, I’m just going to ignore it until it’s patched. The workaround seems more trouble than its worth to me.

UPDATE: FIXED in 2024.6.2 just released.

UPDATE2: The error message is still persistent after applying this patch for existing 2024.6.0/.1 installs. You will need to delete OWM, and reinstall to get rid of this persistent msg.

Actually I am a bit confused with the Openweather new policy, as it appears that v2.5 is still available for Current Weather and 3hr, 5 day forecasts as a ‘Freemium Plan’. Furthermore there is no reference to this being discontinued on their website. Obviously it is not as comprehensive as the One Call service, but is probably adequate for the home user in this instance.

Reading their website again I can see that this only applies to OneCall v2.5.
Quote: -
One Call API 3.0 works in exactly the same way as the One Call API 2.5, but includes several useful upgrades. For seamless transfer from One Call API 2.5 to the One Call API 3.0 please carefully read the following sections:

and here is the important bit

Please note that no other products are affected by this change, including other APIs that have ‘/2.5/’ section in their URL.

So. Do I understand correctly that “OneCall v2.5” would be going away, to “OneCall V3.0”…?

And, the OneCall v2.5 would be different than the “Free” plan under the “Professional API”, as with your screenshot above, and that the Professional API is NOT going away, and is still (probably a subset of) v2.5…?

Is yes to the above… does that mean, with HA 2024.6, the OWM integration under 2024.6 would… stop supporting this free tier of Professional API…?

Why would the OWM integration stopped supporting the free API, while it is still an available option, having no requirement of credit card, and working if you are still under 2024.5, in June…?

I have been using the OneCall API for a few years, not connected with HA, but in a web design. Initially the OneCall API I was using was v1 and this still worked up until a a couple of months ago.

It it is clear to me from their documentation that all versions of OneCall only are moving to v3.

It also is clear to me that the Freemium plan which, is still available to new users, could be used and supported by HA. To get round the issue I am using Node-Red and the free v2.5 API to get the 3hr/5day forecasts and current weather data and send that to HA.

The same confusion has affected, as they also used the OneCall API and are telling users to move to v3, when really all they need to do is use the Freemium version too.

In the meantime the only way to get rid of that annoying notification is to uninstall the OWM integration and use node-red to feed the data, which is what I am doing now.

Maybe I am wrong, and I have misunderstood their website notes, time will tell.