Openweathermap conditions in automation

I’m pretty new to HA but I’m able to setup a lot of my smart home in a week time but 1 thing is failing on me and that is a condition in an automation.
So I have roller blinds that I want to go up at sunrise but only when the openweathermap forecast temperature is lower than 23 as I want to prevent the sun to warm up my house on warm summer days.
But when I add this and click on test it will throw a red warning but I have no idea why it’s wrong.

Are there log files that I can look at that shows me more information or somebody that knows my issue here?

Can you try changing the condition to use numerical state instead of device?

just changed it and having the same issue.

Nothing’s wrong, the forcast temperature is probably not below 23 so the automation won’t fire. Try changing the temperature to 100 and see what happens then.

ah ok, I thought the test thing was to see if I made a configuration issue.