OpenWeatherMap Dynamic Location

During setup of OpenWeatherMap, the user provides a lat/long position for weather. Recently, when I moved, I realized that this value was now static and could only be changed by removing and re-adding the integration.

It would be really great if users could anchor the lat/long to the Home location of Home Assistant.
It would be especially interesting if it could be anchored to any location entity, so the weather could follow the user if so desired.

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HI, the move part…would not vote for it :slight_smile: too much of an exception but it would be nice if HA follows ‘me’, i.e. I travel a lot and I would like to have it relate to a person lat/lon…in essence it means that one should have multiple OW (or other weather) integrations where the lat/lon would differ…not sure if OW would like this wrt to their API use
So if you add this to the description, then I am happy to vote :slight_smile:


Pretty certain that OW itself isn’t going to care. The basic free API gives me so many more API calls per day than I will use anytime easily and I’ve got 4 different HA installations using my account right now (all with install specific keys, but all under the same account)

Another use case for this would be to get the weather at a device_tracker location. For example, someone in the family has the bad habit of leaving the windows cracked a little bit to vent the Tesla, even if there is rain the forecast. I would love to have an automation that checks the weather where the car actually is (often 60+ mi away from Home Zone), and closes the windows if the precipitation probability is above a threshold, actual condition is rain or storm, etc.

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I have Home Assistant in my Camper Van.
So my “Home” is moving some times :slight_smile:
It would be great to have the weather changing with my location dynamically.

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I’d like to go one further - if this was implemented, and implemented in a specific way, I’d be able to take my HA to the next level.

My wife and I enjoy road trips and we occasionally host family in our home. We give them guest access to HA. I have a tab with weather forecasts for nearby destinations. What I’d really like is this:

I create a drop down, and I’ll manage the lat/long inside of that. No need for OWM to worry over that part. Then they select from the drop down, I pass the lat/long and the weather forecast is polled.

While I know this expands on the original ask, if the Integration allowed for dynamic lat/long (and maybe configurable polling interval), everything I mentioned may be possible.