OpenWeatherMap forecast low temperature


OK, rewrote to remove my spastic stream of thought…

I’m trying to figure out how to get a value on sensor.openweathermap_forecast_temperature_low. It currently always shows “unknown”. I searched the forum and found this post that says to set the Mode to “onecall_daily” instead of “hourly”, even though the documentation says to use “hourly”.

The last comment in that post claimed it solved their missing forecast low. But when I made that change, everything stopped working and I got an Invalid API key error.

I dug some more and found other forum posts that said there’s some issue with older keys working with the v3.0 API, so I created a new key, and the integration would not even accept that one, claiming it was an invalid key. Thankfully, I did not delete my old key.

I’ve reverted to my original config and everything works except the forecast low sensor.

How do I get this value to come through?

EDIT: I also found this: Integration Openweathermap: forecast_temperature_low unknown · Issue #115935 · home-assistant/core · GitHub but it has not gotten any response yet.


I’m also getting an unknown value for the low forecast temp and it never shows anything.