OpenWeatherMap Integration - to support the free tier of the Professional API

The Professional API, per OWM website, has a free tier that supports Current Weather and 3-hour Forecast 5 days (link to API pages). See professional collections, or pricing page for comparison.

Let’s not confuse with One Call API, which is also from OWM. OneCall is moving to v3.0 and is closing v2.5 in June 2024. But this Professional API, OTOH, does not have any v3.0 move, and the API call urls still have 2.5 in the url address. (See the links to the API documents in the first pragraph.)

And HA has the working codes already. Up until 2024.5, the OWM integration would work just fine, if providing the API key from the free tier of the Professional API.

Suggestion is that we modify the “repair” message, and instead of asking all users to use One Call API 3.0, we notify users to either use One Call API v3.0, or the free tier of the Professional API.

At the high level, the intension of the message really is to move users away from OneCall API v2.5. But that is logically not the same as moving all users towards OneCall API v3.0.

So if the users have moved to either

  • One Call API v3.0, or
  • to the free tier of the Professional API,

… then the OWM integration should support either.

And the OWM integration could support the Professional API already - at least it has been working for years now, up until 2024.5.
So, likely no real code development around the API calls itself… just the way we change the handling of the repair message, to nudge users away from OneCall API v2.5.

Edit: grammar & typo fixes.

Multiple ‘no’ why not voting

  • use: no hourly forecast and no long term daily
  • prediction: do you really think they will not migrate this to v3.0 too (not alking of the subs. plans)? Spending dev effort and testing with a highly likely future change, not worth it imo… OR: you provide the code :slight_smile: and see if gets accepted

It would be a shame if the currently working integration just stopped for more or less no reason.

To emphasize this again: No additional development is required to keep the integration working with the free tier professional api and there do not appear to be any plans to limit or discontinue it in the foreseeable future, though I do understand that maintaining compatibility with two APIs will cause overhead.

Maybe an alternative would be to keep the current integration (minus the message) around as “OpenWeather Legacy - Unmaintained” or something?