Openweathermap showing odd figures

I have created a glance card to show certain weather values, but not getting expected results.

Low and high temps seem to reflect the hour rather than the day.

Also how do I convert wind bearing into wind direction (ie NSWE).

show_name: true
show_icon: true
show_state: true
type: glance
  - entity: weather.openweathermap
    name: Now
  - entity: sensor.openweathermap_temperature
    name: Temp
  - entity: sensor.openweathermap_feels_like_temperature
    name: Feels Like
  **- entity: sensor.openweathermap_forecast_temperature**
**    name: Max**
  - entity: sensor.openweathermap_forecast_temperature_low
    name: Low
  - entity: sensor.openweathermap_forecast_precipitation
    name: Rain
  - entity: sensor.openweathermap_forecast_precipitation_probability
    name: Rain %
  **- entity: sensor.openweathermap_forecast_wind_bearing**
**    name: Wind**
  - entity: sensor.openweathermap_forecast_wind_speed
    name: Speed
    state_color: true