OpenWeatherMap strange sensor output

I’m currently comparing different weather integrations available in Home Assistant so that I can eventually replace the amazing but soon-to-die Dark Sky. ClimaCell accuracy has been less than stellar for my location, so I was hoping OpenWeatherMap would do the trick. Well, not so much! It’s very accurate about half the time, and then it goes into these wild swings. Here is the temperature sensor when compared to the DarkSky output (blue line). You can see 10 degree C swings (purple line):


Similar goes for cloud cover (again, purple line):


I doubt this has anything to do with the integration, probably on the OWM side. Just curious if anyone out there has seen similar behavior, as this makes Open Weather Map unusable for me…

Here all seem normal :wink:


Now I’m jealous, not just because yours seems to work fine, but also because it’s not -20 C out where you are! :cold_face:

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I’m jealous too, I miss snow and ice skating :stuck_out_tongue: