OpenWeatherMaps wind gust

Please add wind gust sensor into OpenWeatherMaps integration.
This looks really simple because OpenWeatherMaps already return it in response (gust) with wind speed (speed) which is already implemented as sensor.openweathermap_wind_speed

Temporary solution use rest sensor defined like this (replace {param} with actual values):

- platform: rest
  resource:{lat}&lon={lon}&appid={API key}
  name: OpenWeatherMap Wind gust
  value_template: '{{ value_json.wind.gust }}'
  unit_of_measurement: m/s
  scan_interval: 300 # Update every 5 min = 300 sec

+1 from me, this is especially helpful as an additional sensor to protect my venetian blinds.
Also please include the 1 hour forecast for this attribute and make the forecast sensors configurable (i.e.setting for which hour or day the forecarst sensors are populated).

btw: small correction to your workaround: the Attribute is wind_gust.


The code doesnt work for me. With both variants (wind_gust and wind.gust) I get an error that there is no such Attribute.

Has anyone a hint how it could work?

First check the response of flowing link with a curl:{lat}&lon={lon}&appid={API key}

Where {lat} your location latitude, {lon} longitude, {API key} your OpenWeatherMaps API key.
When you get data in json, check that it’s has wind section, it’s can be missed if weather stations around your location doesn’t have wind sensors.