Openwrt Luci configuration switch

I find this component quite useful, so I share it with the community:

It allows to create “configuration” switches to be applied to your Openwrt router.
You create “.uci” files per configuration, containing basically UCI commands, and the component will create switches out of them.
Triggering the switch then applies the UCI command to your Openwrt. The component is also able to detect the current configuration being in application in Openwrt.


Interesting finding. I’m looking for options to control my OpenWRT router too.

It is actually managing my IoT WiFi network. There’s one Xiaomi vacuum there which needs open internet connection to display their real time information. I have a specific rule created to enable/disable the vacuum to open internet access. I would want to have a switch in HA to enable/disable that rule whenever I trigger my vacuum to start cleaning.

Based on this proposed integration I should be able to create some UCI file for the firewall configuration, but i’m not sure on how that file might look like as all the examples are related to how to create new rules, not modify existing ones. [OpenWrt Wiki] Firewall configuration /etc/config/firewall

Many thanks!