OpenZwave add-on network_key

Not sure how this works or how to interpret but just to be on the safe side and avoid problems later.

If I have generated a network key and have putted that in the openzwave add-on like this:

I then look into the openzwave control panel and see for my aeotec z-stick gen5 controller I see that the “security network key” is 0.
The security network is disabled.

I would expect that would mean the S2 capability? and should be enabled? Also I would expect that the network key in the add-on should be the one in the “security network key”

Or do I see this wrong?

Thats something completely different…
You may be able to see it under File -> Configuration -> OpenZWave -> NetworkKey (not sure if it propagates from the docker environment TBH though)

HI, thank you. completely different though.

But then, what is that “Security Network Key” in ozwadmin?
And what is that setting “Security network enabled”?

I cannot see anything in File -> Configuration -> OpenZWave -> NetworkKey
I have: File -> Preferences -> OpenZWave -> NetworkKey
but it’s empty yes:

I can assure you setting the network_key works, I imported mine from Home Assistant and my secure devices show up properly.

That was never doubted .

The key shows up in the latest version for me. Try pulling the new image.

What version? I can only do this:

You’ll need to ask the maintainer of the addon to update it. I don’t use supervised just the docker containers.

Who is the maintainer and where can I ask?

It should be listed where you installed it from? :man_shrugging: @cgarwood might know, I think he originally started it.

I didn’t have any part in the HA addon, just the integration. I believe Frenck and pvizeli have been working on the official addon, and @marcelveldt did the unofficial/beta addon.

Sorry, thought it was you. Good to know :slight_smile:

Is the network key in quotes? Did you save the network key and restart?

Now it is not in quotes. I did that but it auto removed. And yes restarted multiple times.

Edit: double checked. Quotes are removed after restart.

What does the ha addon update process look like? It looks like this is later. Is there a technical reason for that?

Just for my clarity sake - Your confirming in ozwadmin the Network Key is showing right? How are you setting it, via a Environment Variable or Docker Secret?

Correct, I set it with the environment variable.

awesome. I wasn’t sure if that was propagated over. One less thing for me to test!

I aim to help when I can, let me know if you need anything else checked.