OpenZwave and Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 no status change

I use the OpenZwave integration and all devices seems to work correctly except for 1 --> Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor Gen5. It’s included and shows completed with status OK

when I check the entity it is reported ON and will not change when I open or close the door.

I have tried to change the setting of the report type of sensor from basic set to sensor binary Report (found in a few other topics), but the value doesn’t seem to change. I can’t find a ‘save’ option or anything, so how can I force the value to be changed

Has the device picked up the new configuration? When you change a battery operated device it has to wake up and process any pending commands. You can manually wake it up to process the pending commands and update the latest values. Do you see an event when you open or close the door and does it update anything under the User Values?

yes I can wake it up by pushing the button for 6 sec. but nothing seems to change and no events when open or close door

But… tried, tried and tried over and over again… (removed the sensor and magnet to work from my desk) and tried once more… and it changed and works as needed