OpenZWave Beta Devices Missing in HA

Hi. I have a newish HA install on a Pi4. Been using SmartThings for a few years but want to get out of the cloud.

Since I have to move about 100 devices over, I decided to go ahead and switch to the OZW integration so I don’t have to migrate everything over later. (I had a few devices working with the built-in ZWave add-on but uninstalled that).

I followed all of the instructions, I have ZWave devices in the OpenZWave menu, and installed the Integration add-on. But when I do that, no devices show up in HA.

I’ve reinstalled the integration, restarted HA, the server and shut down / rebooted. But no ZWave devices show up in HA. Any ideas?

Did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same issue. I have 4 ZWave devices in my network, and they all show up in the OpenZWave admin GUI, and the nodes show up in MQTT as well, but don’t show up as entities.

I made sure to uninstall my old zwave2mqtt integration along with verifying all the old zwave devices/entities were gone. In the integration options, I verified that ‘Enable newly added entities’ is checked.

Never did so I gave up. Figured I’d try again after a few more version upgrades.