OpenZWave beta - Renaming entities


I have just moved to a new house, and figured out that I would try out the new OZW add-on (beta). I have used the integrated zwave components for 2-3 years. Here, a service called rename_node could be used to update a device/node including all of its entities. With the new add-on, I find this less convenient. I’ve read somwwhere that renaming nodes/devices including related ententies, should be done through Configuration -> Devices -> “A device”. On the device menu, I click on the top right cog icon, and changing the “name” to something more descripting. But the ententies does not update, and have their old random name like “sensor.multilevel_power_switch_electric_kwh_2”. If I manually edit the entity ID, the entity shows “unavailable” or similar. See attached pic from my config.

Anyone have any tips to handle this in a better way?

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did this ever get addressed? I am having the same issue.