OpenZwave: confirming the best practice is to run MQTT server separate from HA?

I’ve been watching the OZWave beta attentively as it promises to solve a huge issue for me which is every time I restart the zwave network needs to restart.

I discovered that the way OZW does this is by relying on MQTT server for comms.

Given this, I wanted to confirm that the intention is to run an MQTT server separate, outside of HA and not with the MQTT addon?

For all stuff related to HA I have tended to run it as addons if avail. Eg. Node red, even though I could run it in its own container. Logically I like the grouping.

However in order for the zwave network to not restart on HA restart with OZW do I need to run a separate instance of MQTt? Or is that irrelevant?

I don’t believe the mqtt addon restarts if you restart home assistant.

Oh interesting. That surprises me!

The containers are separate docker instances. Stopping one doesn’t affect the others.

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