OpenZWave migration - when?

Hi Team

Looks like OpenZWave is going to be the way forward :wink:

Looked at this discussion: The Future of Z-Wave in HA - QT-OpenZWave
but I have not managed to find any guestimates on when all the ‘chickens’ can move from ‘normal Zwave’ to OpenZWave ? Do we have a plan, for where we can expect a migrationtool/path ?


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You can use it right now but there are a few sharp edges still to be ironed out. For me (and I’ve tried the lot) this implementation looks like the way forward. However I’ve got a bug that has appeared on one of my HAs and OpenZwave crashes frequently which is a pain. The other one is fine and works really well.

Unless you have a pressing need for change then I suggest you stay with whatever you are using now. There are still some features missing and a lot of bugs to fix.