OpenZwave migration

I’ve migrated to OpenZWave, which is great, except that most of my devices are now gone. Not all, but most.

I think it is because I never set a network key back eons ago when I first installed the devices and the original zwave integration. As I recall I begane using Home Assistant around version 0.6 or something, and configuration.yaml looks like this:

  usb_path: /dev/ttyACM0

No key here.

So my question is, when no key have been used, what should I use as key for the OpenZWave beta? Is there a default key like: “0x00, 0x00 …” or something?

Or, is there some other way to migrate all the existing none-secured devices short of unscrewing the wall sockets to get to each and one of them to reset and re-include them in the network.

And a bonus question. Is there a way to introduce a network key and migrate the existing devices from no key to a key.

Thank you.

If you never used a key you don’t NEED one now unless you plan to add secure nodes, like a lock or garage door opener.


The devices are paired with the stick, the stick holds all the pairing data there’s no need to reinclude them into the network as they’re already members.

This is not needed.

Highly recommend installing ozw-admin on your main desktop machine:

See if your nodes show up in there. If they do they should be showing up in HA.

If you have battery powered devices, which is what it sounds like are not showing up for you, you’ll need to go around waking them up so that they can report in, OR you can wait for them to report in themselves.


As far as I can tell, it is not possible to configure the OpenZWave (beta) without specifying a network key. This is why I ask about the default key. In my current installation I didn’t change the network key, but I also could not just delete the “0x00, 0x00 …” key that was there during initial config.

The devices not showing up, are also none-battery devices.

As our Borg friend states you do not need a secure key specified
If you have devices that require a secure connection just add a key.
Secure connections are problematic, they require 4 message blocks per instruction instead of one, which is an overhead, I don’t like overheads I can avoid

If they are battery powered nodes it could take a long time for them to report in by themselves. You’ll probably need to go around and manually wake them up (wakeup instructions vary by device). You may also need to trigger a “Refresh Node” on the nodes when you wake them up. You can trigger a Refresh Node through ozw-admin or from the OpenZWave config panel in HA (Configuration -> Integrations -> OpenZWave -> Configure -> Nodes)

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Which is why I only use it on my locks and garage door opener :stuck_out_tongue: but even with the overhead they respond with very little delay.