Openzwave on hassio?

Hi all,

There is some option to get openzwave running on hassio to be able to configure zwave devices? I need to change report options and things like that.



I am also interested in finding this out.

There should be no need since there’s a built in Z-Wave control panel.

If you find something that you could do in the OZW control panel, but not in the built in one, please raise an issue.

Anybody find an easy way to access Openzwave in Hassio? The built in zwave configuration option doesn’t give me access to the options i need. Specifically for the Aeotec multi sensors. I need to set the Command Option and Group 1 values following this tutorial ( to get my motion sensors to update properly.

I’m looking for options like the attached screenshot.

There’s no way to do it I’m afraid.

If there’s some configuration option missing from the HA control panel please raise an issue so the devs can add it.

Is there any other solution to this other than “wait for the devs”? I don’t fully understand z-wave and it’s integration. I have an image from prior to hassio, would I be able to load up that image and run open z-wave to configure my device? Would the configuration stick? I’m not sure if the configuration is in the xml or device itself…

The answer is that the config is saved on the device.

You can also send configuration commands directly from the services menu, without the GUI. The best long term answer of course is to tell the devs what the problem is, so they can fix HA. Applying work arounds solves nothing.

A bunch of settings show for my Aeotec Multi6 (and other devices) under Node Config Options > Config parameter.

Ok, I was able to load up the old image and use open zwave. It didn’t help much, but I did learn why my device isn’t working.

Side note, I think home assistant’s zwave could be better if it followed a similar interface to open zwave. With home assistant, its unclear where to click and what to do. With open z-wave, you have 3 tabs with clear information presented to the user.


Open z-wave: information is shown in the information tab.
hass: information is shown on the state of the z-wave object, no where near the zwave configuration.