OpenZWave over MQTT, does this mean the future is no native core support?

Does this mean in the future that OpenZWave support will essentially no longer be native to HA Core and require an external MQTT Server (the internal MQTT server was deprecated many releases ago)?

I can see where an external module has advantages (such as running it remotely on a PI) but I have been less than thrilled with ANY of the Tasmota or other DYI modules I have used over MQTT.

I had been moving my gear more and more to “NATIVE” Z-wave as for the most part it has just worked, never seems to have issues after rebooting HA and doesn’t require anything other than CORE.

The existing (OZW 1.4 based) integration will remain around, but I’d expect it eventually to be deprecated. OZW 1.4 is old and no longer maintained.

I run HA Core, with Mosquitto for MQTT, and a range of MQTT based integrations (including Zigbee2MQTT) for about as long as I’ve been running HA. I’ve yet to have any issues with Mosquitto. Any problems you’ve had are unlikely to be because of Mosquitto, and more to do with either those devices, or your network. Of course, you can run everything on the one computer if you want.

That is true but that is also why I avoid MQTT devices now… They tend to desync from incorrect resume logic or retain flags.

Going back to the OZW, even if it is perfect I see this move as no longer having native Z-wave support which for the most part has been the most reliable part of my HA config… requiring an external MQTT server to run Z-wave or other integrations might be a great move to make integrations independent but as of yet I have not been impressed with ANY of the integrations that use MQTT.

Again not a Mosquitto issue, the docker is fairly easy to setup. More a concern that in general MQTT is not technically native to HA by requiring the external server and that too date my experience has been bad with synchronization issues due to implementation of some existing integrations that use it expecially when HA is restarted which is FREQUENT for any device add change outside the UI.

I run my Zwave network in a separate HASS docker container and connect it via MQTT. I have had 0 issues with this setup (ok, maybe 1 or 2 but they were probably my fault :slight_smile:). Haven’t noticed any desync/retain flag problems and I run a lot of stuff over MQTT these days.

The reasons for the change are largely that it’s incredibly difficult to port changes from OZW to HASS and to keep it up. There’s also the issue that rebooting HomeAssistant also reboots the Zwave network and can take several minutes to rebuild (that’s largely why I split my zwave network to a separate container). I used to hate having to wait 5 minutes to be able to remotely control my lights every time I needed to reboot HASS.

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