OpenZWave to Zwave-JS: Start from scratch


Currently i have 18 devices running on OpenZwave (MQTT) using a ZWave.ME UZB1 dongle. As i want to migrate to a new Z-Stick Gen5+ it’s a good moment to start from scratch so my node’id’s don’t have gaps anymore etc. But, before i do; what is the best way to do? As i recall you need to be close to the zwave device during inclusion. A proposal:

  • exclude every node one by one using “delete node” within OZW and use device instructions to exclude. Modified settings will be kept! (covers mainly)
  • Setup ZwaveJS2MQTT as docker on a laptop and include every device. This way i can be near the device during exlusion
  • When all devices are moved to the new network, disable and remove OpenZwave / OWZ and dongle from HASS and setup Zwave-JS integration (non-MQTT version as i don’t need to modify parameters for now)

Would this be the correct way to do? Any caveats i need to be aware of?

I moved sticks recently too. All I did was go to each device and go through the inclusion process. I had zwavejs2mqtt UI open on my phone. You don’t need to touch the old stick. Use a different network key for the new stick. You don’t need HA alive in any of this until the end when you want to bring those devices in. I used the zwavejs2mqtt UI to set a name on the nodes as well (for later reference in renaming devices in HA)

Hi Keith,

Thanks for the quick answer. So i don’t have to exclude; it will include on the new network without? And keep parameter settings made earlier?
About the naming; i think i’m going to do this in HASS as i know naming is not part of the zwave specification. When i know which nodeID is what device it will be nog problem to rename them in HASS.

The device will keep its existing settings unless you factory reset it. Just do an include on the new network. If there is anything weird, the zwavejs2mqtt UI will let you see / change each parameter.

yes, that’s correct.

But to clarify, it’s not a “new network”. It’s still the old network. It’s just using a different way of interfacing with HA.

THat’s why you don’t need to do anything at all with the devices or stick.