OpenZwave unknown device how to proceed

Hello, wanted to try and ordered a ZS130 aeotec wallmote quad “alike” via ali.

Look very cool… but…

It works (getting scene id’s) etc. But I cannot configure (turn off beeping etc).

This is waht it looks like in ozw:

I have a “real” aeotec wallmote quad and this looks like:

I did not have to do this for the original one…

My question is how can I get the

unknown: type=0002, id=0082

to work well?

You will need to create a config file for it.

Hi freshcoast… thanks… can you please help me to do? I dont know how to do it (I read that page)

This is the device…

That link has a template and instructions…

Guys, I am a user, not a programmer… I want to start but the first question… where can I find the files? how can I access them? I run the openzwave (beta) addon…

@Fishwaldo sorry to tag you. Is it “easy” to add my device which is in fact a clone of the aeotec wallmote quad in the online database?

Any possible involvement? :relaxed: