OpenZWave update status

Does anyone know what’s going on with the OpenZwave Add-On? It has not been updated for quite some time and was even downgraded due to some issues. Ever since then no new version appeared. Wasn’t one of the reasons to move this to a Add-On the ability to make faster releases? I’m just asking hoping that one day soon my fibaro rgbw 2 device might become usable. :wink:


What’s not working with the RGB device?

Unfortunately for whatever reason Z-Wave seems to be the redheaded step child of the Home Assistant community. I for one have waited to switch from the native Z-Wave to OZW just because I kept an eye on the dev and issues.

I’m curious to see if you get an answer and what it will be.

Well, the device cannot be recognized as a rgbw device. It’s recognized several times (I guess each device as a separate color channel) but all are listed as unknown devices so the controller cannot be used at all. And I was wondering if a more recent update of the addon would fix that, however it seems like there is barely any activity going on there. :thinking:

I want to say there’s a channel that’s the main control that, when toggled on, gives you the color wheel.