Operating system switch?

Hi all,

Might seem like a daft question but, I’m looking at changing my operating system back to windows.

I’m currently running Ubuntu with HASS in a virtual machine.

My question is, can I somehow copy over my image of HASS to run inside windows on the same VM software?

yes just back it up and restore to a new install.

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If that hypervisor exist on windows, then the VM can usually be moved easily.
If the hypervisor does not exist then you will have to find one that can import/convert from your current Ubuntu hypervisor.
Make the research before you start the move.

Too late. Too impulsive.

Over to windows which is easier for the rest of the things i want. Got HA back up and running but now with a Page 404 error when i log in.


Thanks though!

404 means page does not exist, but it’s a reply from a webserver, so you are talking to something.