Opinion for integration esp8266

hi I wanted to use the esp8266 in home assistant. I use it with ide of arduino. I saw that I can use it both with the Mqtt protocol and with the program plugin with the “signed” firmware.
what is the difference between the two systems?

When I decided to use an esp8266 to control my garage door, I tried both ways. Both worked fine, but I ended up sticking with RESTful. I didn’t need to run / maintain any additional software, such as Mosquitto and the response time was much faster.

I went down the ide arduino track them i found Tasmota

Have on all my Sonoff and my wemos and my Desk fan which has 2 relays dht11 and motion Tasmota also open/closes my garge door see if my cars are in the shed with the HC-SR04

have other wemos with dht11 and red switch for the doors

The thing I like about Tasmota no coding just set the GPI0 pins to something connect to MQTT

Then send the time in HA get it to do the Hard work LOGIC

Myle transmit firmware is very interesting I looked for something in turn but very confusing. where did you find, or where can I find documentations or tutorials? I’m not very good with English so if I find some good tutorials I’d be fine

Tasmota Has a wiki

Its hard to read at first


First get something Flashed

then look at my

Just PM me if you want a hand with anything

check out this. It works with 8266