OPNsense firewall setup for cloudfare

So I had everything working fine using cloudfare tunnel on my old TP link router.

I decided to create my own router using OPNsense. I got everything updated to the new IPs. Everything is working fine except my remote access to my HA dashboard.

Pretty sure my OPNsense firewall is blocking the incoming traffic, but I have NO idea on how to set up a rule to allow such traffic.

Could anyone point me in the right direction? I tried reading some of the OPNsense documentation but sure seems out of my league.

Read last post here

Suggest making sure udp isn’t being blocked. Sound like a good place to start

Thanks for the link. I will keep trying to make sense of it all, but it seems Chinese to me!

First time playing with a firewall so seems I gots lot to learn

So turns out it is easier to check the basics than try to look for solutions to problems that don’t exist.

Not sure why, but my cloudflare add on on HA was stopped, even though it has start at boot, and watchdog activated. Heck I even went into the settings earlier to see if I had to change the IP on configuration or something, and didn’t noticed it was stopped.

Right now I was about to remove cloudflare and start from scratch, so when I went to “stop” cloudflare I noticed it was already stopped. All I had to do was turn it back on, and it is all working without having to make any changes to OPNsense

Check the log on the addon pages if it happens again .

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