Opower integration. Gas shown as zero

I tried out the new opower integration for PG&E. The sensors seem accurate:

Note, it says “Current bill gas forecasted usage: 5 CCF” (entity: sensor.current_bill_gas_forecasted_usage).
However, according to the documentation, in the energy dashboard I am not supposed to add these sensors/entities but some weird “opower:pge_gas_000000000_energy_consumption”. I do not find this entity anywhere. What the heck is this?

Now the issue is gas consumption in the energy dashboard is always shown as “0 ft^3”, regardless which time interval I take. Even for the whole year.


What is going wrong here?

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I too am really curious about this. It’s not an entity as far as I can tell. The syntax with a colon is something I’ve never seen before. What is this?


Same situation here.

Update after re-reading the documentation: given the delayed nature of the gas data, you won’t get stats unless you expand the timeframe in the energy dashboard using the Day, Week, Month, Year buttons. I also selected the device itself instead of an entity: “Opower cned gas XXXXXXX consumption”

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That’s using the “Opower cned gas XXXXXXX consumption” device as the source in the energy dashboard.