Opower troubleshooting

Trying to setup energy for the first time. I have Evergy. I installed Opower and logged in.

Settings - > devices and services → Opower → service → This shows my current cost to date, forcested bill, current bill, current usage and all those are correct (there are others, but they are 0 which I understand is because I’ve not been at this house for a year). So far everything looks good right?

Set up a new consumption per the documentation. So far so good.

When I click on Energy - Energy usage is empty. “There is no data to show. It can take up to 2 hours for new data to arrive after your configure your energy dashboard”

Except it’s been almost 30 hours since I set it up… Sources shows Opower Evergy with my account number but 0kwh and 0$.

Digging through the logs I don’t see anything wrong. I have no home assistant updates (a few unrelated firmware updates). Can someone help me figure out why it isn’t working?


[Edit] : Forgot to mention that since it has been almost 30 hours, I do actually see the updated costs/usage that happened over night so it’s talking to my account. This is why I’m thinking it’s something I’ve done, but I can’t figure out what.