Opple Like Switches with Colour Changing Bulbs

Hello Community! I’m looking for some help / pointer in the right direction. I have recently installed 6 innr colour changing bulbs that go from cool white to warm white. I also have some Opple switches with two buttons. These switches recognise Single, Double and hold presses meaning I have a total of 6 different actions. Wondering if anyone has created any handy automation that you can use with the lights that do a little more than just toggle them on or off.

You need to test if hold is just a long press with a result in one command being sent or if it is a hold with multiple commands being sent during the hold period.

It’s one command on at the end of the press.

Well that makes it harder to do dimming, because several double clicks are not really a nice do and long press (your hold) several times is annoying too.
Several single clicks will have to be with a pause to avoid it being detected as a double click.

You could put just a single function on each button or you could make a helper the change up or down with each press to select scenes.
This would then be done with an automation that react to the helper changing.

Sorry, I will correct myself, i just did a combination of presses and holds.

So it reports, single, double and triple press, then it will report hold and release.

How would suggest an automation to do the dimming, obviously from the hold and release, but have you got any code examples?