Opposite of real status for blind and shutter (Tuya Integration)


I recently joined HASS and I am using Home Assistant to integrate my tuya devices to connect to Apple HomeKit. All of my switches, Acs, and curtains are working fine except for 1 blind and 1 shutter.
The issue is with the real status vs the status shown on HASS and HomeKit. When these two devices are actually open, HASS and HomeKit read closed. And when they are actually closed, reads open. And this is confusing my Apple HomePod as when I say “close” it goes open, and when I say “open” it goes closed.
I tried googling some templates here and there and they did not work, probably I am doing something wrong
The name of the two devices as defined in HASS as following:

  • Master Shutter Curtain
    -Dinning Blind Curtain

Any response would be highly appreciated. Thanks