Optimising HW for Hass

Does anyone have a view on what kind of h/w spec it takes to effectively eliminate home assistant’s own processing as a factor in user experience of delay in time sensitive applications?
I’m mulling migrating to “better” h/w that a pi 3 but am wondering where the point of diminishing returns is…


I would say that the fact that homeassistant can run comfortably on a pi with no real issues is an answer to the main part of the question.

You don’t need particularly ‘heavy lifting’ hardware, but I think most people upgrade because of the reliability factor. Obviously a quicker system will be a bit snappier with things, but unless you have a massively complex system it’s pretty much blink-of-an-eye.

Another reason would be if you’re using homeassistant on a computer that does other things, but then that’s really out of the scope of a simple question.

Personally I upgraded after an sd card went south, and I decided that wasn’t happening again. I didn’t go ‘super powerful’ and my main focus was was small and fairy low power consumption. Then I weighed up the options by price.

Yes, in principal I agree with what you’re saying. However, I’ve seen some anecdotal reports that running home assistant on a pi 3 does introduce some on-board processing latency. I dare say that’s a function of how much config and add-ons people are using…

When I start trying to control lights my family won’t be happy if asking alexa et. al. to turn a light on takes too long. Sensor triggered lighting is a different issue…


But are you actually having problems?