Option to convert "duration" sensors in different cards

There is a device Type = duration which does provide the duration of something to HA.
This can be either mins, hours, days, months… and so on.

Unfortunately, it depends on the card how this duration information will be shown:

AS you can see in the screenshot, the entities list is only showing the duration in hours, while the entity card is either showing hours or days or any other value.

I would like to see an option with which you can define in what unit the value should be converted to, and how it should be displayed… (for example, only show hours → just like in the entity card, or converting the value into days)…

This option should be available for the entities list, and especially for the new tile card - maybe as an additional feature?

for the entities list, it might be ok to only use this as an yaml option, without corresponding option in the UI… ?

This is one of the (many) things that baffle me about Home Assistant: duration values were created with different units and no one cared to check how it would behave in different cards??

The underused format option should control this as well, so we can define the granularity used for duration entities.

I think this would be worth reporting as bug, since the behavior differs between cards, instead of being simply a “never implemented” feature.

Right now, I’m using type: custom:template-entity-row to workaround that. And guess what, the underlying value when the unit is days is… the number of days! So it looks like the entities card is the one converting it to hours.

Edit: as a matter of fact, there are at least THREE reports in GitHub that went either forgotten or completely unanswered: