Option to enable/disable power production in Ephase Envoy

Hello, I have a dynamic energy contract. it sometimes happens that the energy price is negative and that you have to pay for power that you supply back to the grid.

I wish to be able to switch off my solar panel system via Home Assistant. When I log into the Envoy locally and go to the installer section, I have the option to enable or disable production. I wonder if this can also be implemented in the integration or via the Enphase API or something.

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I’m also interested in being able to turn-off/on the power production, due to a dynamic energy contract. Roughly more then 110 hours of negative prices so far.

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That would be awesome

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Found it: GitHub - vincentwolsink/home_assistant_enphase_envoy_installer: This is a HACS custom integration for enphase envoys with firmware version 7.X. To be used with your installer/DIY account.


I still have a 4 firmware on my envoy-s, any options to stop the power production? Besides to upgrade to 7, with the cloud authentication…

The firmware 7 was forced on my envoy today, so I will have to use the cloud based login unfortunately…