Option to hide "min/max" legends in the statistics graph

I really like the statistics graph but I think the color scheme makes it clear what’s the mean, the min and the max so I would love to have an option to continue to display the 3 graphs but not their legends.

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Yes please,
this looks horrendus

Especially compared to the mini-graph-card

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Yes, please!



That’s the best example for this request yet.

Wow! I came here because I thought my statistics card looked cluttered :rofl:

To further this request, it would also be fantastic to be able to customise the name of the items in the legend. Sometimes abbreviations are enough, especially on a card with many entries.

Unfortunately, customizing the name won’t remove the legend. You will get the min/max/mean next to the name no matter what you specify for the name even if you are only graphing the mean.

Why thank you :slight_smile: haha

I couldn’t agree more. In an environment where I know exactly what is being displayed there’s no need to display the chart_type. Therefore it would be great if there was something like this:

type: statistics-graph
title: 'My Graph'
  - entity: sensor.inside_temperature
    name: Inside
    hide_type: true   <-------------------------------
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A hide function would be great. Such a beautiful graph, but with this messy legend is kind of useless in some cases.