Option to support both ingress and non ingress mode in an addon


It is written in the doc that addon may support ingress mode and non ingress at the same time :

Ingress is added as an additional feature that add-on authors can choose to support starting today, granted that the application in the add-on supports it. The old approach of exposing add-ons on different ports will remain available. It will be up to add-on authors to choose what to support, including an option to support both.

Cf Introducing Hass.io Ingress - Home Assistant

Anyway i cannot see how to achieve this and how to offer to the user the possibility to switch from ingress mode to non ingress ?

Does anyone know anything about this?


The solution is to set a port :

Direct access to the add-on might now be disabled by default by the add-on developer. If the add-on supports running Ingress + direct access, you can re-enable direct access by setting a port number in the “Network” section of the add-on configuration.