Option to temporarily mute an update notification

I could not find an existing feature request that comes closest to what I would like to be able to do for delaying updates for some period of time. As part of that, temporarily muting the specific individual update notifications is key.

In my case I would like to delay installing a particular update for maybe 12 hours, 1 day, or maybe 2 days. But I also want the notification muted for the update that I do intend to do, but just not right away.

So when the set time period to mute the notification expires, the notification shows up again as a reminder to follow through with the update. So in the update dialog, add an option to “REMIND ME LATER” in addition to SKIP and INSTALL. The REMIND ME LATER option then allowing you to specify a time period before the notification reappears.

And in the case the muted update get superseded before the mute times out, it gets gets discarded and the newest update notification is displayed as normal.

I do make use of the skip functionality, but this is for updates that I do want to do, but only after waiting for some period of time. And to not have the update notification glaring at me in the meantime.