Option to use polygon based zones

If one throughs a google search it looks like I am not alone.

It would be fantastic if we could have the option to create polygon based zones instead of just circular ones.

Node-Red´s “geofencing” is one great example where this can be accieved.

Why one would say?
IoT is growing, myself I have just installed an GPS into my robotic lawn mower (ESP8266+GPS module, running Tasmota). It connects over WIFI and sends lat/lon via MQTT to HA.
I need to know it the robot is on the back yard, front yard or side yard of the house.
Zones in HA are not constructed to be that granular (catering for small yards/zones).

Currently I am using Node-Red and the geofence palette to accomplish polygon based zones and then send the results via MQTT for HA to pick up.


I’ve voted but have been using this for a while now with no problems


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