Optionally show firmware version in devices dashboard

Now that we can costomize the fields shown in the devices dashboard:
Please add the option to show the firmware version of the device as a colum.

That would be so handy when updating devices manually and checking if all devices of one type are updated already.


Until this FR is fulfilled, here’s a way to get a list of devices and their software version categorized by area (if you haven’t assigned devices to areas then this will show nothing).

Copy-paste the following into the Template Editor. It can also be used in a Markdown Card.

{% for a in areas() %}
### {{ area_name(a) }}
{%- for d in area_devices(a) %}
{{ device_attr(d, 'name') }}, {{ device_attr(d, 'sw_version') }}
{%- endfor %}
{% endfor %}
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