Options for connecting to Hue Bulb?

I have a phillips hue bulb, but I don’t have a hue hub. I miss-understood the idea behind the ha-bridge in git hub that emulates a phillips hue hub, and found out it doesn’t actually connect to phillips hue bulbs :slight_smile: (I thought I could by-pass getting a hue hub). I have a raspberry pi. Are there options where I won’t need a hue hub to connect to the bulbs? I’ve ordered a Aeon Labs Aeotec USB Zwave Z-Stick Gen 5. Will I be able to pair the bulb with home assistant without needing more hardware?

You will pretty much need a hub. The bulbs speak ZigBee, not z wave. I am sure there is probably a way to get it working with an Xbee radio, but you can get a used Hue hub on eBay for about $20 and it’s bound to be a lot easier than the Xbee.

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