Options for dimming a lamp?

Hello everyone

I wanted to ask what options there are for dimming a lamp? I use zigbee2mqtt.

Specifically, I have noticed the following:
If I use an effect with a Hue lamp, I can’t dim it using ligth.turn_on. But if I go via the device (Hue lamp), then it works. However, I don’t know how I can specify the step size for dimming.

Thank you and greetings

Not sure if you use Node-Red?

If so…have a look at this one Dimmer Softstarter

Easy to adjust the brightness steps, start/end value and duration per loop:
0 % - 100% → “step”:“5”,“lower”:“0”,“upper”:“100”
0s - 1s → “duration”:“0.05”,“maxloops”:“20”

Thanks for reply.

No, i do not use node-red. I like to use the methods form ha. :slightly_smiling_face: