Options for Lovelace on older iPad (ios 9.3.5)

Yup. Firefox container works for desktop architecture amd64. Not available yet for arm devices.
Docker firefox in desktop with ipad mini 1 and VNC:

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I’m also seeing this error on RPi3b+. Any idea what the issue is? Do I need to use a different image? I didn’t see any other images for different architectures

Do you know if a version for arm is being worked on? How can I be alerted if that ever becomes available?

Nope, that will depend of the developer who’s making the firefox container. I’ve found that someone already asked about ARM support and some cases in issues section about working container on a rpi4.

Hello @kumar.
Thank you for these useful link
Unfortunately I don’t succeed to start Firefox after installing Firefox on docker (with quick install : docker run - d - - name=Firefox…) in portainer. I receive a error message standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused "exec format error
Unfortunately I am beginner on docker, and that is maybe because I forget to do something important. Does someone help me to solve this issue please?

The iOS app here: ‎Home Assistant on the App Store

Seems to work with the 0.117 release here:

Did not try it :wink:

Thank you @Romkabouter​:wink: unfortunately I have tried this link but the answer is that HA is not compatible with my iPad even if it is IOS 9.3.5) :sob::thinking:

Did you try the app or safari? Are you on version 0.117?
After reading, I think the app is still not for older iPads, but safari might be useable.

I have some issues with 0.117, but will try as well when I have fixed them

In fact I realize that the app is not compatible but we can now load HA via our http://192.168.1.xx:8123 without issue.
But the problem that this 117 release does not support yet some ccs codes included in the majority of my lovelace :cry:

Ah, that is a pity. But being able to login is a nice step :slight_smile:

Working on iPad 2, but only standard cards, no custom ones.

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i installed home assistant via this image:

as i understand, i don’t run Home Assistant in a docker, so i have no easy option to access the root OS (which is Hassio?)

do i have any option to install firefox as a docker so i can access it via an old ipad3?
maybe someone can help me because im a little bit lost here, and i don’t want to redo everything again to install first raspian or any other os and on top the home assistant.

thx and best regards @all

Are you running an updated versions at some point recently Home Assistant managed to support old devices a bit better, so no need to fumble around with this solution anymore in my opinion.

The usage of a docker on itself has nothing to do with running HA,
So you can install the firefox-docker on any (other) machine.
Of coarse, if you already run HA on docker, it makes sense to re-use that docker.
Myself I run a docker on W10 for development purposes

No, but you can use TileBoard.

yes i run the newest hasio version but it don‘t work great on my old ipad via safari or the app.
as i said i don‘t know if i have access of the underlaying os so i can install the firefox docker, does anybody know how i can install it the right way?

nobody any other idea?

You don’t have access to the OS if you have used that image on a Pi.
For on old ipad, you can install Tileboard or AppDeamon.
AppDeamon is available as addon and you can build dashboards with it.
Tileboard is installed directly on the share folder, so make sure you have the Samba Addon installed.

AppDaemon: check addons
Tileboard: GitHub - resoai/TileBoard: A simple yet highly configurable Dashboard for HomeAssistant

If you insist on using firefox, you have to install that docker on some other machine.

What are the step by step instructions for installing https://hub.docker.com/r/jlesage/firefox on a RaspPi4 with hassos_rpi4-64-5.10.img ?

I have portainer installed, but have no idea how I am supposed to get the firefox one installed. I have a few old Ipad2s and this seems like my best option for utilising them.

Thank you!

I have also used that firefox, you can find instructions here:

I have stepped away from it however, I wanted kiosk mode and there was always an anoying toolbar and was often crashing.
Now I an using tileboard:

You could also use the AddDeamon addon, in which you can build dashboards.

My simple tileboard (it has two pages) in my livingroom looks like this with an ipad 3 from 2012 on ios 9.3.6