Options to power ESP32-CAM

Hi guys.
I have an ESP32-CAM, but im not actually using the camera. I got it for the external antenna connection.

Given theres no usb port, what are others using to power them up?

iPhone style 5V USB power cube. Cut off the end of the cable and use the black (negative, GND) and red (positive, 5V) connections on the ESP32-CAM.

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Thought I’d ask my question here rather than starting a new thread.

I have an ESP32-CAM that I want to power via a solar panel. I am looking for ideas on hardware I could use to power the ESP32-CAM, including a battery that can be charged from a solar panel. The solar panel puts out 12 volts, so the battery charger probably needs to handle that voltage.

Open to any ideas as I haven’t run an ESP32 on battery before.

I ended up using this for my project.

Thanks for the info, appreciate your time. Seems the TP4056 max input voltage is 4.5V-5.5V, so having a 12 volt solar panel could be an issue, or would require another board to lower the voltage. I will keep searching for a Lithium Ion charging board that could handle 12 volts and charge the 18650 battery.