Options to sort, find and if possible group components inside the dev-state tab

Once you have a few components and groups it gets a bit tricky to find something.

Something other than groups?

You can organize elements onto “cards” or add tabs to the UI (and group cards there).

You can also override the default “home” tab.

Sorry. I wasn’t clear enough. I am speaking about the dev-tab. I have 500+ dynamic components and it is a mess to manage the dev-tab.

Ah. I see. There, I just use “Ctrl-f” to find what I need.

I also do that, but it gets messy when you have too many things.

Have a long list of states with many looking very similar. It would be great to be able to filter the states by type or filter based on whats typed

While this topic is being revived:
With long entity id’s the table gets resized in a way that makes it hard to read the attributes column. It makes sense that this happens. But I propose to change the style of the entity id column to text-overflow: ellipsis as long as displaying the attributes is toggled on.

Right now for me it looks like this:

Of course I could rename the automation. But I like it when the id actually tells me what’s going to happen when it executes. :smiley: