Options.xml and Network Key - Door Issues

Hi, I’m having a few issues with two locks, one sporadically works the other never does (in that it never actually locks or unlocks). The sporadic lock will show “Dead” sometimes.

In some of the posts I see mentions of options.xml, do I need to do anything with this file if I have set the network key in configuration.yaml?

For the record, I am using an Aeotec gen 5 stick. The stick is a decent distance from the locks (about 30-40 feet), not sure if that may be an issue.

Editing Options.xml manually is no longer needed if you have set the network key in configuration.yaml. Locks can be tricky in that since they’re battery powered, they sleep most of the time, but they also need to wake up to listen for incoming commands. 30-40 feet range isn’t terrible, but it seems that most people’s experience is having more mains-powered nodes in your Z-Wave network increases reliability significantly. Do you have any light switches etc or is it just Aeotec Z-stick and two locks?

My setup is that I have my Z-Stick upstairs in my home, downstairs are 2 locks and 3 switches all on zwave. No issues with the switches but the locks are a pain. My Z-Stick is using a board that is hardwired via ethernet, but I am considering using wifi instead and moving the board closer to my locks.

Could you generate a mesh map as detailed here and share it? It’s possible you’ve got a bottleneck, or given the “Dead” status, more likely a communication issue.

I have 3 z-wave locks and each probably about 20 feet from my Z-stick.

In my situation, I had the exact same symptoms as you described.

I bought one of these to repeat the signal to test with before wiring up a Z-wave plus outlet:

I guess not all Z-wave devices that act as repeaters will repeat the signal properly for locks.

Locks work great now.