Has anyone here thought about an integration with Oral-B Bluetoothe (BLE) Toothbrushes? :slight_smile:

this to see the device status battery %

but also that you are brushing your teeth in the morning before leaving or in the evening before going to bed and can use it for a trigger.

information about the rest API https://developer.oralb.com/

i hope there will be more people interested and there is somebody who can build an integration



I did a simply implementation as a sensor detecting if the mac of the toothbrush is on range. If it is then I know that it’s working.

If anyone did the implementation of the api i’m also interested!



Anything ever happen with this? Recently got one and have been thinking of things I could do if it was up and running yet.



Battery level indicator would be neat for two toothbrush household with one charger!


Found some reverse engineering progress here (not by me) to maybe build upon: