ORAL B integration: no devices found - using RPI4b

Hello together,

I am pretty new to HA. I moved on the last weekend from homebridge to this system and I am very suprised what all is possible.
Right after installing I saw all the detected devices.
Under this devices there was also my ORAL B 7000. I implemented it successfully.
Then after a while I was wandering why it was set to unknown and I then removed the integration to reinstall it.

But until now, I did not get it managed, there is always the information that there is no device present.
In the meanwhile I also installed “Passive BLE Monitor” for having my XIAOMI Scale in.
There I was able to add the device.

So my question is, how could I get it managed to get the integration back?

I tried a lot, starting with started brush … starting with used brush and open app … no chance.

Thanks together!

I have the same problem with my Oral b 4 that is discovered like Oral b 7000

Check the filter in the above right corner to unhide ignored devices. Most likely it is still registered and added to the list of devices to hide. If it pops up after you turn off the filters, you can reinstate it.

Also note it is only detectible while active, so you may need to turn the brush on so HA can see it.

If the range is the problem, then an esp32 acting as bluetooth proxy is a good and cheap solution. It is transparent to HA, it will be the same detected device regardless if it was seen though the bluetooth in the rpi or the proxy.

It was not among the ignored devices.

I track it via the MAC address with the BLE_monitor integration but since it was no longer showing me toothbrush changes when I started it I tried deleting the integration and reloading it (restarting home assistant at each step) and now in the UI of ble_monitor integration I can’t even see the bluetooth adapter of my miniPC.