Orange color thermostat

Getting really frustated here. How can I change the color of the orange slider in the standard thermostat card?

Just glancing at it, I think it might be dynamic depending on your thermostat mode.
I didn’t try to customize it, so I don’t know if it can be, although I’m guessing it can:

--round-slider-bar-color: var(--mode-color);            #  lower "colored" portion of the slider
--round-slider-path-color: var(--disabled-text-color);  #  upper "uncolored" portion of the slider

Unfortunatey that doesn’t work. Tried a lot of options and tried looking it up through Chrome’s development tools. Nothing seems to work…

That’s where I got the above from.
Did also you try redefining --heat-color to be something else?

Hi, did you find a way to change the thermostat cooling and heating card color please ? Tryed a lot of stuff but none worked…

As of right now, the issue is still open:

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Hey guys.

Do you know of any way that we can tweak the color of the thermostat gauge when an A/C is turned on by a remote (such as a Broadlink IR blaster) and there is a power sensor (such as a smart energy plug) that detects this change in the state?