Orange pi 5 with home assistant?

Core also installs just fine and doesn’t subject you to all the problems of a Supervised install. You just need to manage a Core install yourself and you will at some point have to deal with upgrading Python.

Edit…Just to add to this because I am attempting an install on an OranePi One. It looks like the Core install instructions are wrong and don’t mention the need for Rust to be installed first. Best bet is to see this topic: Will not install on a clean OS - #62 by orange-assistant . Rust must be installed under the home assistant user.

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I did this (five) years ago but 512MB of RAM for HA is hardly more than a “proof of concept” installation in 2022/2023 :wink:

I kinda stopped using HA on my orange pi zero when the sdcard crashed back then.
Do you think 2022 HA can still run on that now :sweat_smile:

Was doing it because I had the Pi One already running a PiHole at my parent’s house and figured a minimal instance of HA would be handy for Christmas lights and such (which are right now running on my HA instance via VPN between the houses).

After installing Pyton, installing Rust, figuring out why cargo didn’t work and finally getting HA installing to the point where it was building cryptography it ran for about 4 hours then bombed out with an error. I didn’t even bother checking to see what the error was because at that point I didn’t care having already invested way too much time.

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Is there a premade image I can use instead of that? Because without a supervised installation that’s a pain in the ass to deal with. The supervisor is like 70% of the usefulness of it. And last time I used the supervised installation even on an odroid n2 plus it refused to work if I changed the password. Before or after setup. Just wouldn’t let me log in to the base operating system. Which sucked bc the thought process I had was to use it as a media player too, not just a home automation controller.

If you want a pre-made image you would need to go with one of the supported platforms. I’ve never run a supervised installation (only Core) so I can’t help there.

Honestly though, skip the whole SBC and just use an old laptop, or a Lenovo Tiny or similar. You’ll be much happier in the long run due to performance and the lack of an SD card dying at the wrong time.

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Running HA supervised freshly installed on a 8GB OrangePi 5 here.

Can’t complain for the moment, will restore full backup of RPi4 soon.


Can you keep us updated on performance and reliability?
I’m thinking to get one myself to replace my 2015 NUC.

That would be a downgrade. :smiley:

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I did the restore 6 days ago, and so far there is nothing I could complain about. No freezes, shutdowns or other issues.

For the moment I just have the plain board laying on the shelf, waiting for a case to be delivered.

Usually, it stays around 40c without any additional heatsink or other cooling.

I run a few add-ons, all without issues.

There is an Addon that tries to buy all the epic game store games that are free (see GitHub - alexbelgium/hassio-addons: My homeassistant addons), which worked really bad at the RPi. On the OPi its pretty fast and I have no delay when using the remote browser.

Altogether, after nearly one week: I am happy.


I have installed home-assistant supervised on a orangepi 5. It took me some time to figure out how to get it running without unsupported errors apparmor and cgroup (probably because I’m a Linux noob) . But it is running great now. Still have 1 unsupported error “unsupported os” but I believe that’s just because the os is called “orangepi5 debian bullseye” instead of just “debian bullseye”

So if you want to install home-assistant supervised on a orangepi 5 make sure you install/activate apparmor and cgroupv1 manually.


small update, after my SSD died:

First, don’t buy cheap. It lasted around 1 month. It was set to readonly by the OS after a few minutes but HA was still working - at least on a minimum. So i was still able to controll everything until a new SSD arrived.

Second, always have a backup. I pull my HA backup onto a synology every night, so there was no real loss.

I tried to get it to boot without an SD card but without success. After a few failed tries I just accepted and it now is still in there. Not really a big loss, that 8GB card is worth nothing.

I recently added a cheap aliexpress case

Works fine, idle temp is now at around 36c and highest at 50c when doing a backup.

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Can you tell me how did you activate apparmor and cgroupv1 manually?
None of the solutions I’ve tried worked out.
(Using official OrangePI5 Debian Server)

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Jesus what a journey …
(Boot edit is in /boot/OrangepiEnv.txt)
the magic line is:

“extraargs=apparmor=1 security=apparmor systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=false systemd.legacy_systemd_cgroup_controller=false”


Great that you figured it out.
For someone who doesn’t know anything about linux it was a journey indeed.

I after some searching I came across these links:

And after figuring out orangepi debian uses /boot/orangepiEnv.txt, I edited the comments from the links and it worked

Comments I used

apt install apparmor
echo "extraargs=apparmor=1 security=apparmor" >> /boot/orangepiEnv.txt
update-initramfs -u


systemctl status apparmor.service

Check current CGroup

findmnt -lo source,target,fstype,options -t cgroup,cgroup2 

Enable CGroup v1

sed -i -e "1 s/$/ systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=0/" /boot/orangepiEnv.txt

Check current CGroup again

findmnt -lo source,target,fstype,options -t cgroup,cgroup2

And it should say something different than before (check link)

This worked for me, there might be a more efficient way to do it.


I’ve compiled a small tutorial with all information I’ve found in the internet, from previous posts and personal experience in installing Home Assistant on my Orange Pi 5. Hope it helps.

Installing Home Assistant on OrangePi 5 Board

@MaxW I also bought the case and really liked it. It’s well made. In my case the temperature is arround 48ºC.

Now i’m planning to buy an SSD and move HA to it.


Has anyone tested the m.2 pcie coral edge tpu on the orange pi 5?
Does it get recognized/can you install the drivers?

Rok chip has it’s own TPU with 6 TOPS.
Interesting info:

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Hi MaxW, so did you went from RPi4 for Orange Pi 5? How much RAM does each board have? Thanks
I’m very interested in upgrade my RPi3, but I was thinking on RPi4 because I thought that it would be more powerful than Orange Pi.

The Orange Pi 5 is more powerful the RaspI4