Will not install on a clean OS

And core may not be the best install method for me but it was the only one I could get to work years ago so I stuck with it

well that did not work

and after I rebooted


Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent
permitted by applicable law.
Last login: Wed Aug 24 17:32:17 2022 from
[email protected]:~ $ sudo -u homeassistant -H -s
[email protected]:/home/pi $ rustc
/home/homeassistant/.rustup/toolchains/stable-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/bin/rustc: error while loading shared libraries: libz.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[email protected]:/home/pi $


Because, as usual, you didn’t read the output of what you did. It even said it in your own screenshot ! To get started you may need to restart your current shell. You did not do that.

Why did you compile it as an x64 executable on an ARM platform ?

OK, look, this isn’t going anywhere. The problem here is that you’re just blindly typing in stuff without even understanding what you’re doing. Don’t take this as an offense, I don’t mean it that way. But you clearly don’t know enough about Linux / Unix to manage this correctly. Please consider changing HA install methods. HAOS sounds like what you need.


I am not on a ARM platform I am on x86/64 computer

and I did read it thus the copied and pasted excerpt from the reboot

the only ARM platforms I have is three 2 are running ZwaveJS servers and one is running pi-hole

Your x64 is called Raspberry Pi ?! Uhhh okaaay…

You’re missing the libz.so.1 dependency. You need to check what’s up with that. You may have to symlink it as root.

I can’t really help your anymore with this I’m afraid. It’s not enough to just copy and paste stuff. Every system is (slightly) different. These things require a basic understanding of Linux administration that you don’t have. Please check out HAOS.


How nice. You won’t see me (attempting to) helping you in any future thread anymore. Have a good day.


@trentjw You are not doing yourself any favours at all, on the contrary.

It was perfectly understandable that @HeyImAlex thought you were on a raspberry pi because your hostname is raspberry and your username is pi. Now sure, you can name any computer “raspberry” and you can name your user “pi”, but I think you have to admit that is pretty unusual and quite confusing.

At the very worst @HeyImAlex didn’t read the whole thread and therfore didn’t know you were on x86 and made a quite reasonable assumption that given your prompt of [email protected] that you were running a pi. There is no need to bite his head off, and in doing so you lost one of our better and more knowledgable users from the thread.

Now, back to the problem. If it is true that rust is now needed to be added to do a core install, it is a damn shame that such isn’t mentioned in the instructions. Presumably it should either be a prerequisite here:

sudo apt-get install -y python3 python3-dev python3-venv python3-pip bluez libffi-dev libssl-dev libjpeg-dev zlib1g-dev autoconf build-essential libopenjp2-7 libtiff5 libturbojpeg0-dev tzdata

or as a dependency of homeassistant if it is installable via pip here

pip3 install homeassistant


There you go again.

How about “sorry for being an abusive and ungrateful ass”?


well if that is how it is taken then so be it

I cannot control how people get offended on text messages

my thank you was genuine if people get butt hurt over it then that is on them

I am not sure how you expect people to react to your poor behaviour.

Most people seem to manage by being nice, especially to the people who are trying to help.


I was being nice to heyimalex straight to point and was serious on helping, I ignored some of his jabs as he was on topic and offering paths to a possible solution plus it is text , others making useless comments just so they can feel like someone in a thread, I responded in kind

Well if you are seeking for help you should (at least try) to maintain a minimum of respect and good behavior.

At this point you managed to “scare” all people aware which were here to help you - if that was your intention (to don’t solve your problem) then so be it :man_shrugging:


OK I decided to delete my post.

Good luck.

Please keep it civil. Stick to the problem at hand.


By the way I just installed core on a fresh debian 11 install. All went smoothly, except that when I started hass it complained that it was missing sqlalchemy and fnvhash. pip install fixed that and then hass started fine. Rust was not needed to be installed. Nothing apart from installing sqlalchemy and fnvhash via pip.

after fussing about I was able to find a viable and repeatable path to installing HA core onto my system

I ended up installing

pip install sqlalchemy

pip install fnvhash

after that it started up and functioned as it should

I did update my page to reflect the steps needed

installing HA core on Debian

You’re welcome.

looking back at your last post I guess you did post that as well

so Thanks for the heads up on the missing bits for a clean install

Update on installing Venv version I have built a step by step tutorial for installing on a raspiberry Pi board with the help of HeyImAlex

So Thank You HeyImAlex for your input and providing the key on a successful install of Home Assistant on a Raspberry PI Board

Link to the Tutorials that I have built for various Platforms

Home Assistant Core install and upgrade instructions