Orcon MVS15 with Shelly 2PM

After trying to get RFxCom 868MHz working with this Orcon ventilation system I got the tip to try Shelly 2.5. Hardware splicing it between the mainboard and the perilex cable. The Shelly 2.5 was unavailable. Out of collection? The 2PM was the successor.
Bought some metal endcaps, or what they are called in English, aderhulsjes in Dutch. And the pliers to crimp them onto the cut wires.
Finagling these short wires in the 2PM and 2 wago 3pin connectors for PE and L.

In HomeAssistant I created a HomeBridge to get it visible in the Apple Home app. 2 Automations created so the fan turns on and off after a certain amount of minutes for bathroom and or kitchen. I only use the High setting. Number 3 on the remote RF15.

Sharing is caring. Here is my wiring diagram.